Twitter Sentiment Tracking for Predicting Marketing Trends

AutorCagdas Esiyok, Sahin Albayrak
QuelleSmart Information Systems - Computational Intelligence for Real-Life Applications, pp. 47-74, Springer 

Besides professionally edited content on news portals, various alternative information sources exist on the web. Social networks and services like Twitter offer a wealth of information as thousands of users publicly exchange information. These so-called microblogs give voice to billions of people who often use this technology to express their opinions about brands, products and persons. Analyzing these opinions by means of sentiment analysis techniques can be of high value for companies since knowing where a brand is popular can be an important lead for the marketing strategy. We discuss in this chapter how tweets can be analyzed to identify users' opinions about brands and present an application that displays the popularity of brands in specific locations on a map. This helps to identify trends and trendsetters and can offer aid for marketing decisions.