Towards a Holistic Approach for Problems in the Energy and Mobility Domain (Won the Best Paper Award)

AutorMarco Lützenberger, Nils Masuch, Tobias Küster, Jan Keiser, Daniel Freund, Marcus Voß, Christopher-Eyk Hrabia, Francisco Denis Pozo Pardo, Johannes Fähndrich, Frank Trollmann, Sahin Albayrak
QuelleProcedia Computer Science, 32(0):780-787 
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With the current rise of electric vehicles, it is possible to use those vehicles for storing surplus energy from renewable energy sources; however, this can be in conflict with providing and ensuring the mobility of the vehicle’s user. At DAI-Labor, we have a large number of both, past and upcoming projects concerned with those two aspects of managing electric vehicles: energy and mobility. To unify and facilitate developments in those projects, we developed common domain models describing the different aspects of the e-mobility domain. Those domain models are used in many of our projects for optimising charging schedules and for ensuring the user’s mobility.