Integration of Simulations and MAS for Smart Grid Management Systems

AutorThomas Konnerth, Joël Chinnow, Silvan Kaiser, Dennis Grunewald, Karsten Bsufka, Sahin Albayrak
QuelleProceedings of the 3rd International Workshop on Agent Technologies for Energy Systems (ATES 2012), Valencia, Spain 
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In this paper we describe the ILIas framework for development and testing of smart grid simulations and management systems. The framework consists of a simulation environment, an agent based management system, a monitoring tool for human operators, and a physical testbed for testing the management system and its e ects on communication networks. The advantage of this approach is that the management system can be tested and optimized with the simulation environment and the simulations can be later used by the management system in order to make forecasts about the behavior of the electricity grid.