Human Action Recognition using Lagrangian Descriptors

AutorEsra Acar Celik, Tobias Senst, Alexander Kuhn, Ivo Keller, Holger Theisel, Sahin Albayrak, Thomas Sikora
QuelleIEEE International Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing 

Human action recognition requires the description of complex motion patterns in image sequences. In general, these patterns span varying temporal scales. In this context, Lagrangian methods have proven to be valuable for crowd analysis tasks such as crowd segmentation. In this paper, we show that, besides their potential in describing large scale motion patterns, Lagrangian methods are also well suited to model complex individual human activities over variable time intervals. We use Finite Time Lyapunov Exponents and time-normalized arc length measures in a linear SVM classification scheme. We evaluated our method on the Weizmann and KTH datasets. The results demonstrate that our approach is promising and that human action recognition performance is improved by fusing Lagrangian measures.