Wind Power-Aware Vehicle-to-Grid Algorithms for sustainable EV Energy Management Systems

AutorNils Masuch, Jan Keiser, Marco Lützenberger, Sahin Albayrak
QuelleProceedings of the 1st International IEEE Electric Vehicle Conference (IEVC 2012), Greenville, USA, pp. 1-7 

Renewable energy carriers such as wind or solar radiation turn out to be serious alternatives to fossil and nuclear energy production. However, due to its fluctuating characteristics its application within power grids leads to new challenges for system operators. That includes the intermediate storage of the energy which necessitates the installation of new systems or approaches. One of them is the usage of electric vehicle batteries which can be aggregated to virtual power plants. In this paper we propose an energy management algorithm which schedules the optimal charging and feed back times of an electric vehicle battery according to the expected fraction of regenerative energy within the power grid. At the same time the constraints of other stakeholders (driver, charging station infrastructure provider) are taken into account, enabling the algorithm to support the user in his charging decisions upon his daily mobility requirements. In the course of the paper we provide a detailed description of the algorithm, simulation results based on this approach and discuss its application in a field test we have performed, recently.