Strategic Behaviour in a Living Environment

AutorMarco Lützenberger, Sebastian Ahrndt, Benjamin Hirsch, Nils Masuch, Axel Heßler, and Sahin Albayrak
QuelleS. Jain, R. R. Creasey, J. Himmelspach, K. P. White, M. Fu (eds.) Proceedings of the 2011 Winter Simulation Conference (WSC 2011), Phoenix, AZ, USA. pp. 246-258 

When it comes to road traffic, there seems to be no parameter more essential than the driver himself. His internal preferences, his attitude and his perception determine the traffic situation in a crucial way. Yet, as a matter of fact, only a small number of existing traffic simulation framworks provide a model for the driver's behavior. These existing models usually focus on tactical aspects, and neglect decisions with a strategic touch. Recently, we have introduced a driver model which is able to incorporate strategic decisions. While this model already takes infrastructural installations into account, we refine our so far presented work in this paper and extend it to account for additional criteria, the so called Regional Conditions.