A User-Centric Approach for Efficient Daily Mobility Planning in E-Vehicle Infrastructure Networks

AutorNicklas Hoch, Bernd Werther, Henry-Paul Bensler, Nils Masuch, Marco Lützenberger, Axel Heßler, Sahin Albayrak and Roland Y. Siegwart
QuelleAdvanced Microsystems for Automotive Applications 2011 - Smart Systems for Electric, Safe and Networked Mobility, pp. 185-198 

The next generation of e-vehicles will be assessed on their ability to master the challenges posed by urbanization, resource restrictions and increasingly flexible and diverse user demands. Presumably, the vehicle-user-infrastructure network will become too dynamic and complex for an individual user to fathom without some sort of automated assistance. This paper proposes a user-centric, constraint-based, in-vehicle travel planning system, which schedules a daily travel plan of a user by exploiting knowledge about current and future states of the vehicle-user-infrastructure network. The system is implemented in an agent-based framework and is evaluated by a traffic simulator that additionally incorporates parking and charging lots together with an availability monitoring and booking service. The benefit of the planning system is assessed in a traffic simulation, where vehicles with and without a planning system compete for available resources. It can be shown that proactive conflict management and resource scheduling can reduce parking search time and overall travel time. Furthermore it can be shown that the adherence to schedule can be significantly improved.