Separating Local and Global Aspects of Runtime Model Reconfiguration

AutorFrank Trollmann, Grzegorz Lehmann, Sahin Albayrak
Quelle5th Workshop on Models@run.time, Oslo, Norway 

There is a growing need for applications that are able to adapt themselves to the context of use. One promising approach for the adaptation of an application during its execution is the use of models at runtime. In this approach models of the application and its context of use are kept alive during the execution. The application can be adapted by reconguring the structure of these models. Model Reconguration has local characteristics as it handles the structure of a model and has to deal with its specic properties. It also possesses global characteristics, as the joint reconguration of several models is required due to consistency considerations. This paper aims at solving the possible conicts between the global and the local characteristics of Model Reconguration by introducing a distinction between a Recongurable Model, which is responsible for local aspects, and a Reconguration Model, which deals with global aspects.