SOPRO - Advancements in the Self-organising Production

AutorMoritz Chemnitz, Marcel Patzlaff, Erdene-Ochir Tuguldur, Jörg Krüger
Quelle15th IEEE International Conference on Emerging Techonologies and Factory Automation ETFA 2010 

Rising demands to smaller lot sizes and more flexibility in production processes inspired the idea of self-organising production by the use of \"intelligent\" parts. This is achieved by self-sustaining wireless nodes -- Process-eGrains -- to transfer the production control and logic from a centralised approach to a distributed logic. This paper will show the requirements in an industrial environment from an application perspective to these nodes. The middleware design implemented on an agent-driven architecture is presented. Abstracting different hardware to provide a unified interface for storing and processing information independently and locally and negotiate among each other. The application is exemplified through a part driven assembly.