Automatic Layouting of Personalized Newspaper Pages

AutorThomas Strecker, Leonhard Hennig
QuelleOperations Research Proceedings 2008 
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Layouting items in a 2D-constrained container for maximizing item value and minimizing wasted space is a 2D Cutting and Packing problem. We consider this task in the context of layouting news articles on fixed-size pages in a system for delivering personalized newspapers. We propose a grid-based page structure where articles can be laid out in diff erent variants for increased flexibility. In addition, we have developped a fi tness function integrating aesthetic and relevance criteria for computing the value of a solution. We compare exhaustive, greedy and simulated annealing methods for generating personalized and aesthetically pleasing layouts of newspaper pages. Our results show that for the complex fi tness function advanced C&P algorithms obtain nearly optimal values while the basic algorithms underperform.