Easy Service Creation of Local Mobile Services on an Open SOA Platform

AutorFrank Bormann, Stephan Flake, Jan Keiser, Tham Kriengchaiyapruk, Yassin Nachite, Jürgen Tacken
Quelle17th ICT Mobile and Wireless Communications Summit (ICT-MobileSummit 2008), Stockholm, Sweden, June 2008 

This article presents an approach that makes use of service templates to allow for an easy configuration of context-aware mobile services. The goal is to enable people with only basic technical knowledge to act as service providers and set up mobile services. This approach is an essential contribution to the LOMS open SOA platform, which provides an infrastructure and all necessary enabling services for the composition, deployment, and runtime management of context-aware mobile services. The article provides an overview of the implementation of the LOMS Platform with a focus on the Service Creation Environment (SCE) for easy third-party service configuration. As an example to demonstrate the feasibility of the approach, a service template for a context-aware Latest News Service is described and its configuration and deployment with the SCE is shown.