A Parameter Injection Algorithm for Real-time Traffic in 802.11 Open Access Networks

AutorMouslim El-Kotob, Sahin Albayrak

An Open Access Network (OAN) is characterized by the fact that private WLANs and broadband access lines are made available for public use, enabling bypassing mobile users to profit from continuous coverage. Our insight is that in wireless OANs, the overhead required for the launching or reconfiguration of a real-time session can be drastically reduced. We propose an algorithm which performs parameter injection into a multimedia data stream instead of following the classical negotiation path typically used. A solution to change the session characteristics of an application that adapts to varying network conditions was developed, including a QoS solution with SIP and MIP to optimize the session characteristics by taking into account the changed conditions in the network. With our approach, we achieve a reduction of a factor of 2.5 for session signalling delay, and excellent jitter values in the range of 10-15 milliseconds as our implementation results show.