Advanced Grid Management Software for Seamless Services

AutorSahin Albayrak , Silvan Kaiser, Jan Stender
QuelleInternational Journal, Multiagent and Grid Systems, Issue: Volume 1, Number 4 / 2005 , Pages: 263 - 270 
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Even though common Grid Management Software, like Condor or the SUN Grid Engine, features sophisticated functionality to execute and observe jobs on a computing Grid, it often lacks a comprehensive support for multi-modal access, security, accounting and advanced messaging. To tackle these shortcomings, the concept of an agent-based Advanced Grid Management Software is introduced. The approach envisions a multi-agent architecture forming an additional access and management layer which rests on top of conventional Grid Management Software implementations. Agents are supposed to remedy the aforementioned deficiencies by providing value-added services which extend the basic functionalities of the underlying Grid. An agent-based service platform for multi-modal access is used to feature an enhanced user interface to the functionality offered by the Advanced Grid Management Software.