Dispositive Supply-Web-Koordination durch Multiagentensysteme

AutorSven Grolik, Tim Stockheim, Oliver Wendt, Sahin Albayrak, Stefan Fricke
QuelleWIRTSCHAFTSINFORMATIK 43 (2001) 2, S. 143-155 

Traditional Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems strongly focus on planning internal production and logistics disregarding external effects on upstream and downstream contrac-tors in the value chain. Supply Chain Management accounts for these effects, but, on the other hand, often fails due to the complexity of global planning of the entire supply network. Our paper presents existing approaches using so called Multi Agent Systems, keeping the natural decentralized structure of the problem and focusing on the interaction protocols of the software agents. We present a framework for the integration of these concepts in an open Multi Agent Architecture and discuss dispositive negotiation protocols based on the propagation of time-dependent supply and demand functions.