Mobility as a Service enabled by the Autonomous Driving

AutorChristian Rakow, Manzoor Khan
Quelle5th International Conference of Internet of Vehicles. Technologies and Services Towards Smart City 

The future of transport network fueled by vision of Autonomous driving is expected to revolutionize the classical ways of mobility. In this paper, we focus on enabling the autonomous mobility of specially enabled students within the Technical University Berlin Campus. In this connection, we digitize segments of the roads by deploying various sensors and communication infrastructure for V2X and sensors-to-central cloud communication. We present our vehicle disposition system for the so called \Uni-Shuttle", which integrates the various sensors information and optimizes the vehicles' schedules by means of local search operations and meta-heuristics. Our evaluation in a simulated environment shows that our approach is more ecient than a traditional bus with a xed time-schedule and line network.