Extending Model Synchronization Results from Triple Graph Grammars to Multiple Models

AutorFrank Trollmann, Sahin Albayrak
QuelleTheory and Practice of Model Transformations - 9th International Conference, {ICMT} 2016, Held as Part of {STAF} 2016, Vienna, Austria, July 4-5, 2016, Proceedings 
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Triple graph grammars are a formally well-founded and widely used technique for model transformation and model synchronization. In previous work we have shown that basic model transformation results from triple graph grammars can be extended to multiple models and relations on the basis of a formalism called graph diagrams. In this paper we extend this theory to model synchronization by generalizing results from model synchronization for triple graphs to graph diagrams. This extension is the basis for the implementation and analysis of model synchronization in future work.