Intelligentes Gebäudeenergiemanagementsystem

Competence CenterNext Generation Services
ContactProf. Dr. Sahin AlbayrakDr.-Ing. Andreas Rieger, Dipl.-Inf. Veit Schwartze
Partner: Dr. Riedel Automatisierungstechnik GmbH 


Within the scope of the project, we build up an intelligent framework to analyze and optimize the energy consumption. To support the user and make the interaction intuitive, we provide a multimodal and context sensitive user interface.


The economical usage of primary energy today is one of the most emphatically discussed subjects and will in the future more than ever impact development of new technologies. The project “Intelligentes Gebäudeenergiemanagementsystem” (IGEMS), gives a direction to the reduction of in-house energy consumption. Contrary to attempting to improve the energy related physics of buildings and appliances, the core idea of IGEMS is to make energy consumption more transparent to the user and to enhance energy relevant in-house processes in an integrated, intelligent and as far as desirable automated way, with respect to interdependencies between the various electrical appliances, heating and airing.


To improve the structure specific energy consumption, the IGEMS provides numerous metering capabilities for instance monitoring of all appliances connected to the home server where the service is installed and records consumption data. This data can be visualized in consumption graphs over a user definable period of time. In a clear fashion, the user can comprehend and trace energy usage of each appliance or appliance group, which may e.g. all electrical devices in a specific room. This data can well be used as a basis for future decisions concerning for example replacement of old or energy hungry devices and modification of personal behavior. The IGEMS is not only a passive component but also takes the initiative and makes suggestion for potential energy savings or automate periodically device controlling tasks. The Smart Home Control System is also directly linked to the home automation components that even improve comfort conditions and minimize energy costs. The automated control systems should contain self-learning algorithms, to reduce the dependency on user behavior to a minimum.

The IGEMS provides an intuitive multimodal user interface with a high degree of front end ergonomics. There is a special focus on natural ways of interaction. The IGEMS is embedded into the home environment and supports the user across different devices such as television, PC or audio devices. Also mobile devices like PDA and mobile phone are used to interact with the application. Because of its ubiquity availableness and easy interaction, the IGEMS cope with the title of a personal assistant.