The Competence Center Next Generation Services provides several systems and software for free use and download.

Multi-Access Service Platform

The Multi-Access Service Platform (MASP) project is dedicated to development and implementation of novel user interfaces for smart environments. It provides a model-based runtime system for the creation of adaptive multimodal applications. Further information can be found at

Smart Home Energy Assistant

Created within DAI-Labor energy activities, the Smart Home Energy Assistant takes control over household devices and helps using them in a power saving manner. Details can be found at

Smart Personal Assistant

The Smart Personal Assistant (SPA), a highly innovative Web-based service suite, integrates state-of-the-art technology from the areas of Semantic Web and Web 2.0 on a social, technical, and economical level. A novel user interaction paradigm based on universal drag & drop technology combined with a generic framework for a semantic interconnection allows the user to aggregate different services and data at runtime. See for more information.

Smart Health Assistant

The eHealth-testbed of DAI Labor supports different devices, services and the SHA-framework. The framework itself is subdivided into the hard- and the software-framework, where the hardware-frameworks defines a layered design model for hardware integration and the communication protocols towards the software-framework. The software-framework resides inside the Medical Service Center (MSC) and features a powerful hardware interface and other infrastructure services, such as UI. More information at