Research at the DAI-Labor is done in competence centers. These competence centers provide the scientific grounding and results, offer their expertise in different research fields, and use this to develop system solutions in different application centers.

The application centers of the DAI-Labor provide a platform for the development of interdisciplinary system solutions that cross the boundaries of single competence centers. The application centers combine and focus synergies and generate research results that – directly or indirectly – benefit the user.

In the expert centers system solutions, in cooperation with a partner, are developed, tested and field trials are conducted for a particular domain. The expert centers work as a think tank for a specified domain, where a well-founded expertise is created. For these domains solutions for present and future problems will be developed.

real environment

Realistic testbeds and living labs enable the DAI-Laboratory to validate the developed solutions. Presenting results in a realistic environment allows the public and industry to truly experience and “touch” the systems. This way, the DAI-Laboratory can develop technologies in an academic environment that nonetheless meet industrial requirements. 

in touch

With an innovation based approach the DAI-Laboratory wants to create innovation and transfer academic research into every-day applications.

The solutions developed at the DAI-Laboratory put the user in the center and support him in his daily life to solve societal problems such as energy, health, nutrition, knowledge management, security, and more.