Decentralized Service Platform for Interoperable Electro-mobility Services throughout Europe

AutorNils Masuch, Elif Eryilmaz, Tobias Küster, Udo Pletat, Johannes Fähndrich, Thodoris Theodoropoulos, Mariza Koukovini, and Natalia Selini Hadjidimitriou
QuelleTowards User-Centric Transport in Europe 2: Enablers of Inclusive, Seamless and Sustainable Mobility 

While authorities are moving towards the adoption of more electro-mobility services in urban environments, it remains still low due to a number of challenges. The integration of services from different providers using different data formats hinders interoperability; a secure and trustworthy data exchange is needed to preserve the rights of beneficiaries on the shared data. In the NeMo project, we address those challenges by providing a decentralized service platform based on a distributed ledger to enable interoperable and secure data flow between service providers throughout Europe. We provide details about the architecture, enabling easy integration of electro-mobility services and demonstrate our approach by showing the overall flow from designing to using the electro-mobility services.