Cloud Computing Testbed

The Cloud Computing Testbed of the DAI-Labor is used for the evaluation of new cloud computing technologies as well as the testing of the interaction between DAI-Labor developments and Cloud Technologies. Based on a small cluster system, IAAS, PAAS and SAAS technologies are applied, tested and integrated.


Modern infrastructures are going to benefit from the flexibility of resources in an IT cloud. New technologies and approaches are needed in order to integrate these flexible resources with the systems of distributed infrastructures. Based on the testbed these technologies and approaches are developed and applied in the application projects of the DAI-Labor.


  • Provide agent based PAAS/SAAS Frameworks that allow flexible hosting of applications and services.
  • Creation and testing of cloud management systems for agent based cloud systems.
  • Provisioning of resources and services related to cloud computing for the internal development projects at the DAI-Labor.
  • Test of cloud-integrated systems in a controlled and well-defined environment, preparation of the integration with publicly available cloud computing providers.