Ambient Assisted Living Testbed

The Ambient Assisted Living Testbed provides a fully integrated and interconnected home IP infrastructure to enable projects concerned with ambient assisted living technologies. Automation of in house processes and Smart Home Services are developed and tested here in an unbiased fashion under real-life conditions to give information about technical concerns as well as usefullness and usability.


Smart Home Services are no longer science fiction. As the market for home networks and home automation grows, more and more home appliances are fitted with the ability to communicate and react on sensor data in a context aware manner. Heterogeneity of the underlying technologies and protocols is one major hurdle to be taken on the way to the integrated home environment. Lack of compatibility among isolated hard- and software complicates development, modularity and scalability of complexservice solutions at home.

The Ambient Assisted Living Testbed integrates all of these thechnologies. Maximum compatibility and flexibility for the integration of Smaret Home Service projects is provided through the use of two hierarchically arranged platforms: The Service Provider Platform (SPP) and the Home Service Platform (HSP). After deployment on the HSP, the services gains

  • Context Sensitivity
  • Multimodality
  • Appliance-independent operation and functionality
  • Personalization

Furthermore, provision of basic services as building blocks of new and innovative services lessens the time to market and integration effort.

Deveolpment and provision of new services in the Ambient Assisted Living Testbed is performed via the Service Provider Platform. Developers are provided an appropriate developer framework, the Visual Service Design Tool and the possibility to concatinate existing service blocks from the Service Repository. Complex services can easily be assembled, integrated into the environment evaluated for functionality, relevancy and usabiltiy.

Together, the SPP and HSP provide a complete infrastructure for developers to develop, realize and test new service ideas.


The Testbed is equipped with various home and communication appliances and an area-wide localization system. The basic infrastructure includes:

  • A central patch- and controlable LAN - 160 connections
  • EIB system in every room with light sensors, smart metering functions, power metering, 32 controlable power outlets
  • Home automation through Smart IP Power Sockets deveoped within the project (based on the ZigBee radio technology)
  • Powerline communication system available via on all power outlets in the testbed via phase coupler
  • 801.11b WLAN
  • Ultrawideband localization system (UbiSense) with resolution of 30 centimeters
  • Fully IP-controllable kitchen equipment
  • Home entertainment equipment including media server, media center, LCD-TV (65''), suroung sound system
  • Cameras wall- and ceiling mounted for test evaluation purposes and remote live demonstrations
  • Operator-Serverbackend for Service Provider Platform(multiple Sun Fire-Series-servers and Sun MicrosystemsT2000-Series)
  • Various Gateways und Media-Center PCs to operate Home-Service Platform
  • DVB-T/S/C
  • VDSL-access for IP-TV

Besides technological testing capabilities, the Ambient Assisted Living Testbed facilitates observation and analysis of user behavior and user interaction under real-life conditions as a critical component of service development.