The Chair of A O T

Our courses adress topics such as intelligence, interoperability, cooperation and coordination within the field of distributed systems. The focus lies on the conception of an agent being a software component featuring autonomous, goal-directed behaviour. Putting many agents together leads to highly scalable, fault tolerant Multi-Agent Systems. 

The chair of AOT, together with the competence centers of the DAI Lab, offers lectures to instruct basic knowledge in the fields of

  • Multi-Agent Systems
  • Information Retrieval and Semantic Search
  • Security
  • Service Engineering
  • Autonomous Communications

These topics can be applied and further elaborated in practical courses (projects and seminars), where you get in touch with modern infrastructure and testbeds, such as Ambient Assisted LivingBeyond 3GNetwork Simulation and eHealth:

  • Multi-Agent simulations: Robocup and Multi-Agent Programming Contest
  • Service robots and smart home services within an ambient assisted living testbed
  • Search engines and recommender systems
  • Security issues for mobile devices 
  • eHealth

All topics may be further elaborated in theses. 

The cources can be accessed via the AOT chair hompage

Contact Dr.-Ing. Stefan Fricke if you have any questions regarding teaching. stefan.fricke(at)