Smart Mobile

Competence Center: Security
Ansprechpartner: Prof. Dr. Sahin Albayrak, Dipl.-Inf. Aubrey-Derrick Schmidt
Partner: T-Laboratories, T-Systems GmbH, Universität Leipzig
Funded by: Deutsche Telekom AG


Smartphones are getting increasingly popular. Therefore, more and more people switch from old-styled „Featurephones” to modern smart-phones. The advantages of these types of phones are comprehensive functionalities, applications, and services. But since most of these are too complex, many users avoid us-ing them causing a loss of revenue on opera-tor side. Until now, no applications have been presented for solving this problem.

The research project Smart Mobile was initi-ated by T-Laboratories Berlin for creating a system helping people to handle complex smartphone functionalities, applications, and services. Therefore, application models are created for identifying the state of user appli-cation usage.