Forschungscampus Connected Technologies: Technology, Cloud and Tools

Competence Centres: Agent Core TechnologiesSecurity
Contact: Prof. Dr. Sahin Albayrak, Dipl.-Inf. Michael Burkhardt, Dr.-Ing. Thomas Konnerth

Funding source: Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

Partners: InnoZCIT (TU Berlin)Telekom Innovation LaboratoriesART+COM AG

The overall goal of the described research project is to provide baseline technologies within a "Connected Technology Platform“, which use and process information about and actions of both human users as well as technology embedded in the environment in order to employ them adaptively to achieve partial or final goals, or to provide them for further use.

Starting point is the intention of the whole Forschungscampus to move on from a human-machine interaction towards a human-environment analysis. Instead of tracking interactions with single devices, as currently used in Smart Home control systems, in future both human and machine actors together should be in focus for achieving goals. Between these actors, information is exchanged to provide services at a best effort. This information exchange is usually performed implicitly, taking into account various available sensor data, which is first merged and preprocessed, to be available for usage to achieve goals, e.g. in the healthcare domain (see research project „Sensorbasierte Gesundheits-Services“). 

Taking Smart Home respectively Connected Building as field of application for the Internet of Things, where a very large number of inhomogeneous devices are interconnected and exchange data and information, the research project „Technology, Cloud & Tools“ is focussed on the creation, development, and testing of technologies which provide additional value for users within an intelligent environment in an invisible and autonomous way.