Conference Papers

TUB-IRML at MediaEval 2014 Visual Privacy Task: Privacy Filtering through Blurring and Color Remapping

AuthorDominique Maniry, Esra Acar Celik, Sahin Albayrak
SourceMediaEval 2014 Workshop 

This paper describes the participation of the TUB-IRML group to the MediaEval 2014 Visual Privacy task. We present a method for privacy protection of individuals in surveillance videos. In order to achieve this, our method obscures both shape and appearance of identity-related regions through blurring and color remapping. The intelligibility is preserved by displaying edges and anomalous events are hinted at by special colors. The experimental results obtained on surveillance videos show that our method considerably outperforms other participating teams in terms of privacy score. However, the drawback is that the results in terms of intelligibility are below average.