Conference Papers

An innovative next generation E-mobility infrastructure: the eCo-FEV project

AuthorVincenzo Cirimele, Michela Diana, Nadim El Sayed, Fabio Freschi, Paolo Guglielmi, Giovanni Piccoli
SourceIEEE 2014 International Electric Vehicle Conference, DOI: 10.1109/IEVC.2014.7056230 

Several factors are obstructing the growth of the electric vehicle diffusion. In particular there is a general negative perception about the battery management, the time-travel related to the long time for the recharge and the absence of an hardware and information infrastructure in support of the electric vehicle use. The project eCo-FEV, described in the present work, aims at the creation of a cooperative infrastructure system for the electric mobility. An important technical challenge is also represented by the building of a prototype of Charge While Driving, a system able to transfer electric energy during the motion through magnetic filed induction.