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Micro Smart Grids and Electromobility Charging Optimization with a Distributed Agent Application (Demonstration)

AuthorChristopher-Eyk Hrabia, Marco Lützenberger, Tobias Küster
SourceAlessio Lomuscio, Paul Scerri, Ana Bazzan, and Michael Huhns (eds.) Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems (AAMAS 2014), Paris, France, pp. 1679-1680 
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An optimized usage of renewable energy in future grid infrastructure with micro smart grids is an important goal to encourage environmental-friendly energy distribution. This demonstration presents a sophisticated optimization and simulation approach with an evolutionary strategic algorithm in a fully scalable distributed agent environment. The demo shows the benefits of agent-oriented system engineering to create a complex industrial application and the possible influence on environmental-friendly energy distribution.