Conference Papers

A Distributed Multi-Operator W2V2G Management Approach

AuthorJan Keiser, Juri Glaß, Nils Masuch, Marco Lützenberger, and Sahin Albayrak
SourceProceedings of the 2nd IEEE International Conference on Smart Grid Communications, Brussels, Belgium, pp. 291-296 

The most critical factors for the success of electric mobility are costs, the environmental friendliness and mobility. Within the sub-project Vehicle 2 Grid of the joint project MINI E powered by Vattenfall, we developed a decentralised Wind-to-Vehicle-to-Grid systems (W2V2G) to improve the CO2 balance of the car and the mobility of the driver, as well as an AAA infrastructure for the non-discriminatory access to the charging infrastructure by incorporating standardised technologies from the Internet and mobile telecommunication networks.