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HAI - A Human Agent Interface for JIAC

AuthorSebastian Ahrndt, Marco L├╝tzenberger, Axel He├čler, and Sahin Albayrak
SourceMultiagent System Technologies - 9th German Conference, MATES, Berlin, Germany, October 2011, Proceedings, pp. 149-156 
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There are many different application frameworks, which accelerate user interface development by simplifying repetitive and time consuming tasks. Most of these frameworks follow the widely accepted MVC architecture. Although, the existing frameworks are optimized for the implementation of object-oriented applications. The special features and possibilities offered by agent applications are not supported. Within this work, an architecture is designed, which allows the integration of any user interface in agent applications. As an extension of the MVC architecture, the advantages of agent-orientated software engineering will be combined with the advantages of the existing application frameworks. This structure provides the base for the Human Agent Interface, which allows the integration of any user interface in JIAC V agent systems.