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Development of context-adaptive applications on the basis of runtime user interface models

AuthorGrzegorz Lehmann, Marco Blumendorf, Sahin Albayrak
SourceEICS '10: Proceedings of the 2nd ACM SIGCHI symposium on Engineering interactive computing systems 

One of the challenges faced by developers of applications for smart environments is the diversity of contexts of use. Applications in smart environments must cope with continuously changing context of use, so the developers need to prepare them for a possibly broad range of situations. Since the developer has no access to all environments, in which her application will be executed, it must be possible to simulate different environments and evaluate the behavior of the application at design time. In our demonstration the designer has the possibility to simulate and modify a runtime context model and observe as her application adapts on the fly. In the underlying runtime architecture applications, defined as sets of models, are adapted automatically on the basis of the information held in the runtime context model. A visual tool enables the user interface developer to access and modify the models at any time and immediately observe the behavior of the application.