Conference Papers

Adjustable Context Adaptations for User Interfaces at Runtime

AuthorVeit Schwartze, Marco Blumendorf, Sahin Albayrak
SourceProceedings of the Working Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces 2010 

The definition of different variants of a user interface at design time does not seem to be flexible enough to address future needs. Context sensitivity, user preferences and unforeseen situations require new means for automatic adaptation at runtime and mechanisms for user interventions within these adaptations. In our work we aim at the utilization of models at runtime to create user interfaces that are aware of their state and the meaning behind. An important part of this approach is a layout model that constrains and eventually defines the presentation of the user interface. The model contains statements about the orientation and size of the user interface elements that generate a constraint system at runtime to calculate the layout of the interface. Based on this model we provide mechanisms for the automatic calculation of user interface layouts as well as (meta) user interface that allows the user to intervene and adjust the layout to personal preferences.