Conference Papers

Concept of a Sensor based Emergency Detection in a Home Environment (Ein Konzept zur sensorbasierten Erkennung von Notsituationen im häuslichen Umfeld)

AuthorTarik Mustafic, Jan Hendrik Clausen, Arik Messerman, Joël Chinnow
SourceAmbient Assisted Living - AAL, 3. Deutscher Kongress mit Ausstellung - Assistenzsysteme im Dienste des Menschen: zuhause und unterwegs, Berlin, Germany 

In the course of the BMBF research project SmartSenior intelligent ambient assisted living systems are developed, which enables elderly people to live a longer self-determined life in their own residences. We propose a generic framework which is able to challenge the heterogeneity of requirements of use-cases and the diversity technical equipment within the domain of ambient assisted living. Furthermore, we identify necessary components and describe their functionality.