Conference Papers

Learning through enthusiasm - how more interaction and relation to real life lead to a better understanding and less learning effort

AuthorOlaf Kroll-Peters, Benjamin Hirsch, Natascha Jasmin Tiotuico
SourceINTED 2008 - Conference Proceedings 

Motivating students and finding means to transport knowledge in an appropriate form characterizes excellent teaching. We think that this can best be accomplished by using interaction and fun to communicate knowledge in courses. We explored this by selectively changing teaching methods used throughout the same course in different years. One year using traditional lecture-style teaching with few interactive elements to communicate theoretical and complex topics such as security targets, authentication, and security standards. In the next year, we adapted the examples and different methods to present the same knowledge. Methods used such as using audio plays or self-reference of learning matter resulted into long-term retaining of communicated knowledge, less reviewing time before exams compared to traditional lecture-style teaching and useful, good and motivated student co-workers and potentials for tomorrow. Comparing the methods we analysed some pro and cons for each method.