Conference Papers

An OSGi-based Mobile Service Middleware for 4G Adaptive Multimedia Services

AuthorMing Yin, Frank Steuer, Joachim Fuchs, Thomas Springer
Source6th International Workshop on Applications and Services in Wireless Networks (ASWN 2006), Berlin, May 29-31, 2006 

One of the most challenging questions for the 4G mobile service provisioning currently is how to adapt the user's services to dynamic environments. Adaptability will become a main feature of next-generation multimedia services. In this paper we propose an OSGi-based mobile service middleware for faster and more efficient development and runtime support of adaptive multimedia services. Based on the capabilities provided by the OSGi service framework, a set of core services with well defined interfaces are provided for on-the-fly media adaptation, quality of service support, context-awareness, session management, mobility and security. The chosen abstraction level for these interfaces promise a wide reuse of the middleware for a wide range of 4G mobile services and applications. Especially, on-the-fly and on-demand installation of services and applications on the terminal device is supported to configure the platform functionality according to the application requirements. The reusability and platform design was validated by the implementation of a significant set of adaptive multimedia services.