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Learning Mechanisms on OWL-S Service Descriptions for Automated Service Selection

AuthorJohannes Fähndrich, Nils Masuch, Lars Borchert and Sahin Albayrak
Source16th International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems (AAMAS) 
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With the increase complexity of IoT systems, the well known development paradigm for software development like Service Oriented Architectures and Multi Agent Systems have to be adapted to t the now challenges of IoT environments. Here the vast amount of available components and the speci c implementation for special purpose hardware calls for an abstraction of functionality as well as to new development tools which allow to handle the dynamism of IoT applications. Here a multitude of special purpose sensors with view computational resources have to be combined to create emerging software. Most of the hardware reaches an return of investment only o ering its service to third party developers. For a developer to be able to integrate those services into an application, a adaptive search mechanism need to be developed, which is able to specialize in the di erent domains of e.g. IoT applications.