Conference Papers

Toward an Interactive Mobility Assistant for Multi-Modal Transport in Smart Cities

AuthorChristian Kuster, Nils Masuch, Fikret Sivrikaya
Source13th International Workshop on Engineering Service-Oriented Applications and Cloud Services (WESOACS), in conjunction with ICSOC, M├ílaga, Spain, November 13th 

The worldwide trend of urbanization necessitates new forms of travel within and between megacities. Shared mobility and multi-modal mobility approaches have been on the rise to address this need, but existing solutions are often limited by proprietary systems that cannot be combined automatically. On the other hand, the concepts of Smart Cities and the Internet of Things offer great opportunities to interconnect these different services, whereas such holistic approaches lead to new challenges for emerging applications. In this paper we highlight the challenges and provide a roadmap towards an agent-based interactive mobility assistant for multi-modal transport in smart cities that grounds on the Belief-Desire-Intention (BDI) model, an approach for deliberative agents using mental attitudes, in order to overcome the information overload and proactively help travelers along their way.