Conference Papers

A Primer on Data-Driven Gamification Design

AuthorMichael Meder, Till Plumbaum, Sahin Albayrak
SourceFirst International Workshop on Data-Driven Gamification Design Workshop (DDGD2017) at Mindtrek17 

Gamification gradually gains more attention. However, gamification and its successful application is still unclear. There is a lack of insights and theory on the relationships between game design elements, motivation, domain context and user behavior. We want to discover the potentials of data-driven optimization of gamification design, e.g. by the application of machine learning techniques on user interaction data. Therefore, we propose data-driven gamification design (DDGD) and conducted a questionnaire with 17 gamification experts. Our results show that respondents regard DDGD as a promising method to improve gamification design and lead to a general definition for DDGD.