Conference Papers

Narrowing Reality Gap and Validation: Improving the Simulator for Humanoid Soccer Robot

AuthorYuan Xu, Hans-Dieter Burkhard
SourceConcurrency, Specification and Programming CS\&P'2010 

For robot simulations, especially when working with humanoid robots which have a high number of degrees of freedom, it requires proper models that behave close to real ones. Otherwise, the simulated robot might not only behave unrealistic but also could fail completely. This paper presents our improvement for the simulator of RoboCup soccer simulation league. We refined the robot model by using accurate information from the manufacturer. Furthermore, a servo model with backlash is developed, which behaviors very similar as the servo of real robot. In the experiment, we use dynamical motion (walk) as well as static motion (key frame) to check that the model is accurate or not. The results show that our model is much more accurate, and it behaviors very similar as real robot.