Research of RoboCup Humanoid Soccer Simulation Robot -- the design and development of SEU-RedSun soccer simulation team

AuthorYuan Xu
SourceMaster thesis, School of Automation, Southeast University 

This thesis describes the design and development of a humanoid robotic soccer simulation team called SEU-RedSun. SEU-RedSun operates in the official RoboCup soccer simulation system, which provides a fully distributed and real-time multi-robots environment in which two teams of robots play soccer. The simulation models many real-world complexities such as noise in object movement, noisy sensors and actuators, limited physical abilities and restricted communication, this makes migrating software to the real robot easily. This thesis addresses on the various components that make up the SEU-RedSun robotic soccer simulation team, the main contributions include a flexible and extensible architecture, accurate and complete world model, humanoid robot behaviour based on target, efficient decision making. Ultimately, the thesis also contains an introduction to RoboCup soccer simulation system, and develops some time-saving and high performance debug tools. As such it provides a solid framework which can serve as a basis for future research in the field of simulated robotic soccer. At present, SEU-RedSun has participated in three international robotic soccer competitions: the team won the champion at RoboCup Iran Open 2007, the 3 rd place at the at the official RoboCup 2007 world championship, and the champion at RoboCup China Open 2007.