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ContactProf. Dr. Sahin AlbayrakDr.-Ing. Andreas Rieger
Sponsored by: Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologienext generation media
Partners: Alcatel-Lucent, Cycos AG, DAI-Labor, ProSyst Software GmbH, SevenOne Intermedia, Siemens AG, Deutsche Telekom Laboratories, WIK-Consult


The SerCHo Project is one of the winning projects of the technology contest “Next Generation Media” run by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi). From 146 high-quality project proposals a jury cast from leaders of economy and science selected a total of eleven projects that will be funded by the BMWi with a total of 40 million Euros.

The main goal of the SerCHo project is the development of an open service platform that increases life quality at home. The platform is intended to support the quick and easy delivery of new context sensitive services into the home environment and the provisioning of a consistent user interface for these services. The project focuses on the areas of:

  • Information technology
  • Telecommunication
  • Broadcast and entertainment
  • Home control and home automation


The goal of the SerCHo project is the creation of new and innovative solutions that integrate well into existing environments. The idea is to enable the user to control a smart proactive home environment in a consistent, easy to learn and natural way. The system therefore provides a consistent user interface for home control and home automation as well as for the usage of additional services.


DAI-Labor focuses on several aspects in the context of this project:

  • The "Ambient Service Engineering Toolsuite" aims for the provisioning of a comprehensive set of tools to support the service developer. The main aspects here are the development of methodologies, development tools, a runtime environment as well as an "Application Program Interface" (API) to support third party services.
  • The "Home Service Platform" represents the part of the SerCHo system that is deployed in the home environment. It aims for the provisioning of basic services for context recognition, for the easy integration of smart home appliances and for the provisioning of the basic infrastructure to access and enhance external services.
  • The "Service Provider Platform" represents the external operator-hosted part of the SerCHo system. In combination with the "Home Service Platform" it aims for the provisioning of external service access, seamlessly integrated into the home environment.
  • The development of a "Service Delivery Platform" as basis for the "Home Service Platform" and the "Service Provider Platform" that can be used to simplify service development, deployment and maintenance by providing a comprehensive runtime environment that includes an API for service development aswell as the necessary tools, which will support service developers and allow the quick and easy creation of services.
  • The "Multimodal Interaction Framework" supports new and innovative ways of user interaction. The goal is to provide a framework that can be used by service developers as well as user interface designers to generate multimodal user interfaces and to experiment with new ways of user interaction
  • Finally demonstrators for the areas "Home Entertainment", "Unified Home Communication" and "Easy Service Creation and Delivery" will be developed. All demonstrators will be integrated in the "Ambient Service Integration Suite", providing a comprehensive environment for the exhibition of the project results.