Smart Home Energy Assistant

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ContactProf. Dr.-Ing. Sahin Albayrak Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Freund


The Project

The economical usage of primary energy is one of today’s most discussed subjects and will impact development of new technologies in the future more than ever. The core idea of the Smart Home Energy Assistant (SHEA) is to make energy consumption more transparent to the end user and to enhance energy relevant in-house processes in an integrated, intelligent and as may seem desirable in an automated way, with respect to interdependencies between the various electrical appliances, heating and ventilation. The SHEA provides numerous metering capabilities and a freely configurable rule base for the automatic optimization of energy usage.

The application monitors all home appliances and records consumption data, which is used for visualization and analysis of energy consumption. Based on the information provided by the SHEA the user may, for example, suggest to replace old or energy-thirsty devices. The SHEA is capable of learning from the past and inform the user about energy saving potentials. It also provides a multimodal user interface, granting a high degree of frontend ergonomics and usability.