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KontaktProf. Dr. Sahin AlbayrakDr.-Ing. Andreas RiegerDipl.-Inform. Sebastian Ahrndt
Partner: Johanniter Unfallhilfe e.V. (Konsortialführer), Sanofi Aventis Deutschland GmbHConnected Living e.V.ProCurandeuregon AGSIBIS Institut


In Germany, more than 1.4 million people living with dementia, one third has Alzheimer. The number is increasing. The outpatient service is proving difficult, because the ability to remember and reproduce memories drops down over time. People with dementia don´t remember if they ate something, have been on a walk or took their medicine. This and other informations relatives and caregivers are missing just to provide the person with dementia the right way.


The goal is to develop a user-friendly and useful IT-system, which supports people with dementia. The interaction between relative, caregivers and people with dementia should enhace and maintain. Most of the lost informations every day get collected and documented in this system. The collected informations help them to provide the right way.


To realize this project in all development steps relatives, caregivers and people with dementia will be involved. Their needs, wishes and experiences will influence the whole development. The Human Centered Design (HCD) method will be used. Field observations, interviews, immersion and Thinking Aloud sessions will be done. The gained knowledge will define the challenges and solutions of this project. Prototypes will be developed and tested in real environment. Not recorded period of time will be supplemented with interviews and sensors. Just when all informations are present, the interaction between relatives, caregivers and people with dementia will be fine and a conscious care is possible.


Projektstart PERLEN – Persönliche Lebensdokumentation für Menschen mit Demenz und Pflegepersonen, 22.09.2015