NutriMe – The Meal Diary

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ContactProf. Dr. Sahin AlbayrakDr.-Ing. Andreas Rieger, Dipl.-Inf. Dmytro Hritsevskyy



Nowadays it gains more and more importance to subsist healthier. NutriMe, the mobile app, can help to do so. It is a mobile diary to log your daily food consumption to reach a better dietary behavior. The user can create new meals by choosing from a set variety of typical meals, either by writing the name, selecting it by categories or using the internal barcode scanner. The user also can save favorite meals which are consumed more often.


With the information about the daily physical activity habits, body size and the weight NutriMe can calculate the recommended energy consumption of a day and visualizes the sufficient food intake of a user in form of kilocalories. On basis of this evaluation the user gains proposition for healthier nutrition. Additionally the user can see an overview of the nutrition details of the eaten meals to achieve planned weight goals. In the meal diary all information and evaluations are documented and arranged clearly visualized for each day separately.