CLOG – Clever LOGging of Activities – and so much more!


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ContactProf. Dr. Sahin AlbayrakDr.-Ing. Andreas RiegerM.Sc. Elif Eryilmaz

Do you want to get into shape, lose weight or just move more each day to get fitter and healthier? CLOG is the mobile activity tracking Android application that can help you to do so. It tracks your activity in dedicated training sessions including everyday movements like bicycling, jogging, running and walking. It gathers data from both internal phone sensors (location, acceleration, orientation and others) and wireless Bluetooth-Smart or ANT+ health sensors such as pulse belts, weight scale, step sensors and speed/cadence sensors.


For tracking and optimizing your efforts to be more sportive, you can define achievement or interval maintenance goals. You can also view your activity history and statistics. Seeing how much exercise you are doing to achieve your goals motivate you to start walking or bicycling more often. It will make you more thoughtful of your present activity level, which is an important first step to get fit. You can also see your location based data displayed in fancy dynamic heatmaps and charts to look at your route.