Automated Usability-Evaluation of model based Interaction Systems for Ambient Assisted Living 

Competence CenterNext Generation Services
ContactProf. Dr. Sahin AlbayrakDr.-Ing. Andreas RiegerDipl.-Inf. Michael Quade

Partner: Fachgebiet Quality and Usability/TU Berlin

In this research project a model-based software-development concept is connected for the first time with a model-based evaluation and gets integrated in a common development and evaluation environment. With the help of this integrated approach, interaction problems as well as correction strategies are simulated with different applications from the area of ambient assisted living. For that purpose, the behavior of real users is monitored and described in a formal way. Based on these observations, an approach based on path-search of task models is extended and improved iteratively for the simulation of possible interaction paths. The simulation results are verified in iteration relating to the realism of the simulated behavior and visible interaction problems. A further goal is to check how the whole model-based approach can be integrated into the usability engineering process and how it can be used for run-time adaption of user interfaces. The project is based on research and developments conducted at the DAI-Labor (MASP) and in cooperation with the Quality and Usability-Lab (MeMo work bench).