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ContactProf. Dr. Sahin AlbayrakDr.-Ing. Andreas RiegerDipl.-Inf. Grzegorz Lehmann

Partner: BMWiART+COM AGConnected Living e.V.DiscVision GmbHFacit ResearchFraunhofer IDMTLOEWE AGDesign Research Lab/UdKUMAN GmbHFachgebiet Quality and Usability/TU Berlin

Universal Home Control Interfaces@Connected Usability

The project UHCI is about the commitment of innovative, multimodal interaction technologies in the home environment and intuitive usability. The research and development focuses on the following areas:

  • Development, adaptation, combination and integration of innovative interaction technologies (touch, gesture, speech, wearables, reactive interaction);
  • Systematic evaluation of usability, usability guidelines (best practice) and methods of evaluation;
  • Prototypical integration and demonstration of target audience oriented showcases in the home environment, focused exemplary onto the pros concerning the comfort advantage and energy efficiency;

Assignability of developed UI-elements is on running and future Connected-Living-projects.


In UHCI requirements and implementation options for an open user interface framework with usability-guidelines will be researched, developed and provided. The use of open standards should put the compatibility between solutions of different branches and providers safe. Current existing elementary solutions are proprietary and usually not compatible with other solutions – with potentially negative consequences to acceptance and market penetration.