Competence Center: Next Generation Services
Contact: Prof. Dr. Sahin AlbayrakDr.-Ing. Andreas Rieger
Sponsored by: Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie
Partners: CAS Softwareehotel AGGIStec GmbHinfoRoad GmbHIntergraph (Deutschland) GmbHT-Systems International GmbHitCampus Software- und Systemhaus GmbHareZentrum für Graphische Datenverarbeitung e.V. (ZGDV)Fraunhofer Institut für Graphische DatenverarbeitungFraunhofer Institut für Materialfluss und Logistik (IML)


Servingo is a project promoted by the Federal Ministry of Economy and Work (Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Arbeit BMWA) on the occasion of the football world championship FIFA 2006 in Germany. Servingo will support visitors and partners of the World Cup 2006 in their movements by providing them with specific and entertaining information and communication services. This would contribute to the world cup events taking place in an efficient and innovative program flow, thus providing visitors a relaxed and amicable atmosphere.

The 2006 FIFA World Championship takes place in twelve cities located all over Germany. Inhabitants, home and foreign visitors from all over the world, VIPs and the players themselves will be very mobile and will need to orientate themselves throughout the tournament constantly anew. Consequently, each target group is in need of different services, which are not available nowadays in an integrated form:

  • Target group oriented services for organizational management – mobile logistic support such as services for routing, public transport information, hotel and entertainment related information.
  • Innovative personalized communication services e.g. presenting relevant sports news or services for planning, annotating and communicating one’s own experiences.
  • Services providing innovative content related to sports events, e.g. by generating and delivering interactive three-dimensional replays of sports matches.


The goal of the Servingo project is to contribute to the efficient procedure of the world championship by creating an innovative IT-based service platform, which is capable of providing integrated information and logistics support for different target groups during large sports events. Services and content will be provided via different innovative channels such as IP, GSM, UMTS, and digital terrestrial TV (DVB-H). The service platform integrates mobile aspects and related approaches, such as location based services. Beyond the support of mobile system components and push/pull functionality it provides stationary access to multimedia diaries and pre-event tools such as an intelligent day planner.

The main components of the service platform provide the following functionality:

  • Mobility support: Servingo supports the user’s navigation and organization tasks. It provides routing for different modes of transportation, information on various point of interests and mobility related locations such as train stations including exits, as well as information on public transport timetables.
  • Personalized information portals as another central aspect of Servingo. They are intended to enhance the experience of the visitor by providing location based information in relation to sports events, and by offering services enabling the user to meet or make friends easily.
  • Interactive three-dimensional replays: The entertainment component allows the user as a spectator of a sports event to receive additional information and interactive services, thus enhancing his experience. This is achieved by providing important scenes of an event in or close to real-time as three-dimensional reconstructions.


The system as a whole integrates of different mobile and stationary information access points and sources. In addition to the provision of different services, the specific requirements for data and information transmission are addressed as well. Thus existing solutions in the field will be built upon and integrated into a hybrid platform aiming at a broader spectrum of innovative services