Competence Center: Next Generation Services
Contact: Prof. Dr. Sahin AlbayrakDipl.-Inf. Paul ZernickeDipl.-Ing. Mathias Wilhelm

Partner: AOK BundesverbandART+COMConnected Living e.V.Fraunhofer IDMTFraunhofer IZM and T-Systems

Founded by: Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie 


The Project

In the project "Gesundheitscoach", different interactive assistance services shall be integrated into a common platform to support preventive health processes in private households. The intergenerational approach provides adaptive preventive services to the different generations living in one household. One example is interactive hints to help achieve personal age-specific health goals. The current health status and user preference are used to personalize these services.

The Coaches

GesundheitsCoach sports three virtual coaches:

  • The "Ernährungscoach" (Nutrition Coach) provides information and recommended procedures regarding a healthy diet like recipes and shopping hints.
  • The "Aktivitätscoach" (Activity Coach) motivates sufficient every day and training activities with all household members and all generations.
  • The "Entscheidungshilfe" (Decision Aid) analyzes the data gathered by the two other coaches and generates new hints to support healthy living. Among others, it provides action reminders and scoring of health risks.

Platform and Prototypes

Based on the technological basis of networked home devices, project GesundheitsCoach entails the development of prototypes for different output devices like TVs, tablet PCs and smartphones which are evaluated in different age groups (children, adults and seniors). The technological assistance services developed in this research endeavor also support the creation of new methods and means of access to provision families, which might be difficult to reach because of geographic distribution.