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ContactProf. Dr.-Ing. Sahin AlbayrakDr.-Ing. Thomas Hühn
Sponsor: BMBF


VEREDELE FACDS -- Robust control and regulation of distribution networks with a high proportion of controllable generators and loads using the flexible AC distribution system 

VEREDELE project aims to enter an uncharted territory of energy system research. Existing distribution networks receive major modifications as part of the energy revolution. The results of this modifications need to be analysed and documented. The resulting recommendations, as the FACDS (Flexible AC Distribution System) approach endorsed by VEREDELE are groundbreaker of the energy revolution.  The validation of the correlation of the behavior of controllable and adjustable charges, resources, generators, closed loops and communication technologies is done in VEREDELE in milliseconds to minutes. 

VEREDELE characterizes an approach to predict the provisioning quality and challenges of grid operators for future distribution networks with a high amount of decentralized generators (PV, BHKW, etc.) and novel charges (e.g., electric cars, ground-source heat pump and thermal storage). VEREDELE derives requirements for both closed loop and open loop concepts.